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In addition to the highest level analyses, credible work, research and achieving profitable  operation, providing proper information is featured prominently among the most important tasks of our independent testing laboratory. We anted to make our more than twenty years’ worth of experience and a significant part of the knowledge accumulated in our laboratory part of the public domain, all the more so, because we are all exposed to many environmental and food safety hazards...

For the sake of authentic information, the decision was made to create a novel forum that can present the knowledge of our experts and convey it to stakeholders (laypeople, professionals, students) in a proper form.

Taking into account all the possibilities, we decided that, to solve the problem outlined above, the best solution would be the creation of a new website. laboratorium.hu is a moder-looking, scientific, and also enjoyable and readable website.

On the website, menu items are symbolized by molecules, the lead material appears in a big bubble, while the different articles appear in the from of information cards. In our stories, we tried to process the most interesting topics in the subareas of food safety, environmental protection and health protection, and that is how the column system was created as well.

In the articles, an important role is played by laboratory analyses, and we tried to present professional content in a way that is as easily understandable and witty as possible, making sure to include as much consumer protection information as possible, pointing out the importance of chemistry in everyday life.

Laboratory "news agency": laboratorium.hu.