Our scientific journal of food investigation

The journal of Food Investigations, a scientific magazine exactly sixty years old in 2014, plays an extremely important role in food science, and has been a true professional forum for the staffs of universities, authorities, laboratories and research institutes. However, due to financial reasons, the publisher of the journal, the Hungarian National Committee of the European Organization for Quality (EOQ) could no longer undertake the publishing of this prestigious journal...

The managing director of WESSLING Nonprofit Kft., Dr. László Zanathy decided to take over the publishing of the magazine, and from 2014 appointed Tamás Szigeti as editor-in-chief and Gábor Szunyogh as editor.

Our goal was to deliver the journal to as wide an audience as possible: in addition the representatives of the domestic academic circles, to those of the agricultural, food science and food distribution sector, as well as authority and private laboratories, among others, and we also entered the international professional arena! The previous editorial board was expanded further with recognized experts, who can involve research centers and universities from Budapest and the country even more in this scientific forum of domestic and international food analysis. With considerable financial and human resources, the journal was completely renewed!

The paper obtained a modern look: it became colored with an A4 format, and the valuable scientific articlespapers appear in English as well, in their entirety. On our website (eviko.hu), the papers can be searched and downloaded digitally, so the international scientific community and the market can easily access the renewed content, as well as archival materials.

Great emphasis was placed on interoperability between disciplines. In addition to maintaining scientific traditions, easily readable, useful materials are also placed in the journal: we focus on important topics, interpret the law, follow the events of international and domestic professional life. But the main topic of the magazine, of coure, remains the analysis of foods.

The quaterly publication was taken over in 2014, right now the fifth issue is being edited. Currently, the circulation is at 1000 copies, but we hope to increase this number, as well as the number of visitors on our website.

Our most important cooperation partner is the National Food Chain Safety Office (NÉBIH). The Journal of Food Investigations is a scientific magazine, but we try to make our most interesting materials more enjoyable and available for the general public. In order to achieve this, several of our articles were rewritten, and these were reviewed by Origo, Élelmiszer.hu and Laboratorium.hu as well, and the journal was introduced on Hír TV-ben, as well as in several other media.

The biggest result is that one of the most important scientific media of Hungarian food science was saved, and now it is still a significant, continuously growing forum of the profession. And from our company’s point of view, it is a great advantage that this prestigious journal with its storied history is published by us, the excellent quality of which has been recognized by independent experts as well.

The website of the journal is found here.